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Our favourite restaurants in Mallorca

Mallorca Tapas

Nowadays Mallorca has an enormous gastronomic variety to offer. From refined gourmet cuisine to classic tapas and vegan cuisine. There are restaurants with fresh fish and selected meat almost all over the island with pasta, pizza and hamburgers.

Even if it is not too big an island, it is easy to get lost on Mallorca. And I am not talking about when you are travelling with a car, but about where you want to have lunch or dinner. It is easy to find places full of tourists where the quality of the food shines due to its absence or where a paella is everything but a paella 😊

Schwarze Paella

That is why, as Mallorcans, we would like to share with you the restaurants that we believe or are sure will not disappoint you and where you can taste the authentic Mallorcan cuisine or simply enjoy a good lunch or dinner.

Restaurants where fresh fish is served, to the point of discovering the culinary roots of our island Mallorca. Vegetarian or not, don’t worry, you will find your restaurant here too.

Mallorquinische Restaurant

One of the things that attracts tourism is the sea, so it is natural that you want to be near the sea most of the time. To sit by the sea, drink coffee, swim in the sea and eat by the sea. For many it is a challenge to find the right restaurant by the sea if you are not from the area and don’t know this or certain insider tips. One is often disappointed if one passes by spontaneously and the food, the atmosphere or the service does not meet the expectations. So today we have some tips for you to find a good restaurant by the sea.

Our favourite restaurants in Mallorca

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