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The sights in Can Picafort 2020

Can Picafort is a tourist area in the north of Mallorca. It is known as a particularly family-friendly zone, since there are many beaches with calm and clean waters.  In Can Picafort you can also practice sports such as cycling or hiking, since the natural park called Son Real is located here. A few kilometers from Can Picafort (7 km to be exact) we find the famous nature reserve Albufera Park.

What sights can you do in Can Picafort

In Can Picafort you can do a lot of sightseeing. Here we tell the main attractions in Can Picafort:

1. Can Picafort beach promenade

Can Picafort Promenade

Along the long beach of Can Picafort we can enjoy the pedestrian zone full of life and colors. In this pedestrian zone we can find different types of bars and restaurants and small stores. The pedestrian zone has a length of about 2 kilometers.
In the second line or along the main street we can find different clothing stores of all brands and restaurants, which are pedestrianized like the seafront and have a length of about 1 kilometer.



2. Can Picafort port

Can PIcafort Hafen

Continuing and leaving behind the seafront, we find the port of Can Picafort. It is a typical marina of the coastal areas of Mallorca. If we want to make excursions by boat through the different coves of the north of the island and take a dip in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, from the port of Can Picafort there are excursions to coves and caves. We highly recommend one of these tours, but don’t worry, we’ll explain a little more about them later in this post. Diving and jet ski excursions are also available.



3. Son Real Nature Reserve

Naturschutzgebiet von Son Real

The zone of Son Real begins just after the beach of Son Baulo. The natural park extends from Can Picafort to the town of Son Serra de Marina. In it we find numerous small coves where we can refresh ourselves along the way. These coves that we found in the park are ideal to be quiet and away from tourism. Walking through the park or lying in the sun by the sea, you get an idea of how Mallorca was 70 years ago, when there was only nature on the coasts of Mallorca. In the middle of the park by the sea we find the necropolis of Son Real. The necropolis is an archaeological site from the Phoenician period. This is where the Phoenicians came to bury their dead. In front of the tombs of the Phoenicians we find the island of Porros. The island of Porros is a small island. If you want to visit, you will have to swim a little bit because there is no road. But don’t worry because the island is very close to the coast and the kids will love it.

If you want to know more about how life was in Mallorca in the past, you can visit the farm there in the park, Son Real. The farm of Son Real is a museum that shows how life was more than 100 years ago in Son Real or in the countryside. You can learn how the work in the fields worked, how the farmers took care of the livestock … In short, how life was in Mallorca. The entrance is free. Here is a link for more information about the farm Son Real

4.Can Picafort Activities

The town of Can Picafort offers different types of outdoor activities. Here you can see an overview:

Can Picafort boat tour. At the entrance of the port of Can Picafort is the office of the black dolphin boat that makes daily excursions, weather permitting. Excursions are made on the boat outside Formentor, where we can enjoy Formentor beach and the outline of Menorca, among others.

Snorkeling in Can Picafort. In Can Picafort we can find the Skualo Diving School. The school offers all kinds of dives. From the “baptism” or the first dive to the professional. There are also sailboat excursions, kayak excursions and paddle surfing. If you want more information, visit their website.

5.Can Picafort Markt

Can Picafort market is one of the most famous markets in the north of the island, together with Alcudia market. It is quite a big market and it takes at least 1 hour to look at the colorful stalls. Here we can find fresh fruits and vegetables, typical Mallorcan sausages like sobasada, butifarrones, typical cheeses of the island and different types of clothes. The Can Picafort market is held every Friday from 7:00 to 13:30. The market is located in the area of Son Baulo and goes from the town hall to the beach of Son Baulo.

We hope that thanks to this information about Can Picafort attractions you have decided to spend your next vacation in Can Picafort. If you do not have an accommodation yet, we invite you to check out our Fincas in Can Picafort view