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Mallorca almond blossom

mandelblüte mallorca

What is the almond blossom in Mallorca

The almond tree is typical for the Mediterranean region and comes from the Middle East and Mesopotamia. Its relationship to mankind goes back thousands of years. The almond tree was brought to the island of Mallorca by the Phoenicians and was able to adapt to the Mediterranean climate thanks to its great adaptability.

When the flower bud develops, the almond blossom is formed. Success depends on the synchronised flowering of all the almonds in a population and the good development of the flowering organs. This depends on the climate and genetics of the almond trees that make up the population or group of trees.

Why does the almond blossom in Mallorca

The climate in Mallorca is characterised by short temperate winters and warm and very dry summers. For this reason, winter is not the hardest season in Mallorca, if not the hardest summer season. Normally the island of Mallorca is characterized by drought in summer and this can be from April to October or November. After long periods of drought on the island, the almond tree blooms earlier in Mallorca than in other areas of the peninsula where drought periods are not as long. In this way the seed will have already developed when summer comes and the drought periods begin. In this way, flowering during the dry season is avoided. Sometimes, when there is a lot of frost during the flowering period of the almond tree, the tree can lose all its leaves and even die.

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When is the almond blossom in Mallorca

In the middle of January, in the middle of winter in Mallorca, the almond blossom begins in Mallorca. Weather permitting, the almond blossom blooms in mid-January or early February. Normally the flowering period lasts about two months and therefore the almond blossom lasts from the middle or end of January to the end of March. The time it takes to view the majestic fields full of flowering almond trees depends on the weather conditions. The perfect time to enjoy this phenomenon in Mallorcan nature is in the second half of February. In some regions of Mallorca the trees bloom earlier than in other regions. Usually the almond blossom begins a little earlier in the villages in the centre of the island, as these are located in flat or lower areas. In contrast, the almond blossom will be somewhat later in villages located in mountainous areas or higher.

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Where is the almond blossom most beautiful in Mallorca

In Mallorca there are several villages called Almond Towns, because they have a large number of almond trees and large areas where you can enjoy the almond blossom of Mallorca. We will show you the best almond blossoms and all the information about the villages where you can enjoy the phenomenon of Almond Blossom in Mallorca.

We have listed for you the best Almond Blossom routes in Mallorca. These routes are very easy to follow and can be done on foot, by bike or by car. Surely you will find here your perfect photo of the Almond Blossom in Mallorca.

Wanderung Mandelblüte Mallorca

The villages Soller and Bunyola. In these villages is the biggest production of this drunk fruit. Here you can find many fields full of almond trees. The trip by train to Puerto de Soller is a must, because on the way there many of these fields are full of almond blossoms

The south of Majorca. If we have the rental finca in the south of the island, in the area of Manacor, Sant Llorenç and Son Servera we will find numerous pink and white coloured fields full of almond blossoms.

Mallorca’s centre. In the centre of the island there are also many almond trees. For example in the villages Moscari, Selva, Lloseta and Felanitx. An interesting walk for almond blossom fans is the route from Marratxí to Santa María del Camí. This route can end at the beginning of the Tramuntana Mountains, where the mountains wear colourful flower garments. Between Inca, Lloseta, Selva and Moscari you will find beautiful almond blossom routes.

Almond blossom routes in Mallorca but with a different perspective

As said, there are many possibilities to experience the almond blossom with our beautiful hiking possibilities. If you like to enjoy the mountain landscape, the Serra de Tramuntana is the best starting point for your hike, there you can find many “snowy” fields.

randa kapelle

The route from Pollença to Lluch offers us the opportunity to enjoy the hiking with beautiful views of fields full of magnificent almond blossoms. The Puig de Randa is also a good option, as the surrounding area is high and allows us to enjoy wonderful views over fields full of almond blossoms. The same goes for the Santuario de Sant Salvador. The hermitage of Bonany also offers wide views of our beloved almond blossom and of many villages in Mallorca.

If you are coming to Mallorca in February, we strongly recommend that you take one of these walks and learn a lot about the almond blossom and the culture of Mallorca.

Fincas to enjoy almond blossom in Mallorca

During the almond blossom season we offer a variety of fincas, which are located near the plantations with almond trees. In February we have a special offer or as we call it almond blossom offers.

Check out our website and take advantage of these incredible discounts in February and March.

Mallorca’s temperatures during the almond blossom

As the island of Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, temperatures are usually mild during the months of the almond blossom during the day between February and March.

Due to Mallorca’s subtropical climate, the winter months offer mild temperatures.

The temperatures in Mallorca in February

The daytime temperatures in Mallorca in February rise on average by almost 10 degrees. With high and low averages of maximum 15.5 or a little less than minimum 4 degrees, holidaymakers in Mallorca find a climate with very pleasant spring days.

During the season of the almond blossom in Mallorca you can enjoy the sun for about 8 hours a day. Rainfall is usually rare or less than in autumn.

In this table you can see the different temperatures that took place in February 2018:

Mallorca Mandelbluete Tempereaturen

In the temperature graph for February in Mallorca we can see that the maximum on 28 February was 16.2 degrees and the minimum 6.4 degrees. In the third column we could clearly see that the month of February in Mallorca was not very rainy.

Mallorca temperatures in March

With the arrival of spring, temperatures in Mallorca are warmer in March than in February. The nature of the island shows all its splendour and colour is the perfect time to enjoy Mallorca and its charms. It should be noted that although the daytime temperatures are already quite warm, they drop considerably during the night. Therefore you should dress warmly at night or after sunset.

There are usually between 6 and 7 rainy days in March. The rest of the month is usually sunny and with high temperatures.

Mallorca Temperaturen im März Tabelle

In the temperature table for March we observed that the maximum temperature was 18.2 degrees and the minimum temperature in that month was 9 degrees. Regarding precipitation, we see that the maximum was 5 ml.

If we compare the two tables for the months of February and March, we can observe an increase in temperatures of almost two degrees both in the maximum and minimum, but the amount of precipitation between these two months has practically not changed.

Products and recipes with almonds from Mallorca

Mandelblüte Produkten

The almond blossom makes way for the almond harvest in summer. This type of fruit plays an important role on the island of Mallorca.

Many Mallorcan recipes are made with Mallorcan almonds.

You can find different types of companies on the island that produce products whose main raw material is almonds. With this fruit you can make liqueurs, perfumes and even creams for skin care.

If you have now got the desire for a holiday on Mallorca to the almond blossom, we are happy to help you with the selection of a suitable accommodation. Whether a small finca or a cosy holiday home, a large townhouse or a finca directly on the sea – ask us or browse through our website, you are sure to find the right one for you.

We would also be happy to make suggestions for breathtaking walks between almond blossoms or bicycle tours along the Almond Route. Ask us, as locals we can give you some insider tips!

Last but not least, a holiday during the almond blossom season is also worthwhile because we can make you special offers during this time of the year. Treat yourself to a break from the cold and grey winter and spend some unforgettable days with spring-like temperatures and warm sunlight on “the most beautiful island in the world”. We are looking forward to you!