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Why is Mallorca worthwhile in January

Mallorca im Januar

January is ideal for travelling to destinations such as the island of Mallorca. While it is very cold in Germany this month, the thermometers on the island of Mallorca register more pleasant temperatures. There will also be fewer tourists than in the summer season.

After Christmas, the prices of tourist accommodation have dropped significantly and we can find very good deals and encourage us to visit Mallorca in January. But… Why is Mallorca a good destination in the first month of the year?

January is an affordable month

January is an affordable month to travel and discover the island, especially in the last two weeks when all Christmas holidays are over. Many airlines offer very attractive flights.

In general it is not a high season, so accommodation costs are lower than in other seasons such as Easter or the summer months.

What happens in Mallorca in January

Two events will take place in January: San Antonio and San Sebastian.

Sant Antoni Fest im Januar

These events are quite interesting if you decide to visit the island.

La fiesta de San Antonio are held on the night of 16th to 17th January. In many towns on the island there are fiestas and parades around San Antonio and the devil. There is a bonfire in every corner of the village, and many people dress up as devils and dance and sing around the fire.

The most popular is the parade in the villages of Muro, where you can enjoy a fire and devil show in the village square, in Arta and Manacor and in Sa Pobla, where the town hall “burns” on this magical night for the Mallorcans.

January 20th is the feast day of the patron saint of the city of Palma. On the night of the 19th of January, numerous concerts are held in the city’s main neighbourhoods.

After many years, these celebrations have become an essential event of the winter season. Today they are also a point of reference in terms of tradition. If you are looking for a different kind of holiday in Mallorca, this is a good option. It is a great opportunity to make a complete journey and learn more about the culture of the island…

What is the weather like on Mallorca in January?

Another important reason why the island of Mallorca is an ideal destination for a holiday in the first month of the year is its climate.

The temperatures are not as high as in summer, but there are some days when you can enjoy the sun.

Mallorca im Januar

Temperatures are lower in the early morning and late afternoon. Normally the days are bright and if you are a bit brave you can go swimming on the beach.

Don’t forget to pack warm clothes for the times of day when the temperatures can be a little lower.

Why fly to Mallorca in January

If you enjoy shopping, you will be happy to visit Palma in January. The winter sales start on 7th January and last the whole month, so a fun afternoon is ideal to cheer up after the freshly ended Christmas holidays.

The most famous shopping areas are the shopping centres: Mallorca Fashion Outlet, Fan Mallorca and Porto Pi Center. In the city are the most famous streets where you can shop: Calle Sant Miquel, Calle Sindicato and Calle Jaime Tercero.

Mallorca Shopping im Januar

The markets and fairs in January are also an alternative. At least one market is held every day. The most famous markets are Sineu, Pollensa, Alcudia and L’Olivar in Palma, where you can taste the typical dishes of the island at the same market.

How warm is it in Mallorca in January?

In January the maximum temperature is 15°C and the minimum is 12° with an average of 14°C. This month is one of the coldest, but it is more than bearable when it is a little hot. On average it usually rains about 44 mm on eight days a month, so a rainy day is possible, but in general January is not a rainy month, so it is not a burden.

January is not one of the hottest months of the year in Mallorca, but it offers many attractions, such as discovering the island in a more authentic way.