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Mit Kindern verreisen nach Mallorca

sehenswürdigkeiten pollensa

Travel with children

When traveling with small children, other factors often need to be considered than with the “big ones”. Starting with the equipment of the house over the aspect of security to “what do I pack in the suitcase?” many points must be clarified in advance.

In rental car

Also in Mallorca, the little ones are chauffeured in a child seat appropriate to their age and weight. Therefore, be sure to specify the number and size of the required child seats when reserving your rental car.

Fincas equipment

So that your child can also spend a carefree vacation, it requires some tools:

In all of  FincasMallorcaCharme offered houses are each 1 crib and 1 high chair, which are also included in the price. However, additional beds/highchairs can be provided upon request. The same applies to a fall-out protection, which can be attached to the outside of a bed or also for a stair guard, so that the greatest possible safety can already be established in the house.

Many fincas have also designed the outdoor area very suitable for children.  Soft lawns, slides, swings or sandboxes can be found in more and more properties, which makes for huge enthusiasm among the little guests. We recommend that very young children make sure that the pool is fenced in, so that the little ones can’t get to the water unsupervised and the adults don’t have to be constantly on guard.

Unfortunately, many city children have no contact with flora and fauna at home; all the greater is the amazement and joy, for example, to get fresh eggs from the henhouse in the morning or to pick oranges from the trees on vacation. Maybe there is even a donkey on the finca, on which the little ones can ride – a highlight for our little guests!

On the beach

In Mallorca there are many beaches with a shallow shore, which is suitable for children, and most beaches are guarded by lifeguards – but of course you must always keep a watchful eye on the little ones. It is also important to pay attention to the flags that are hoisted: When they are red, bathing is absolutely forbidden!

We will be happy to help you choose a suitable beach.

If you like to travel to Mallorca, you will find our list of fincas here. Enjoy a real finca vacation with fincasmallorcacharme.