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Finca vacation with breakfast in Mallorca

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Finca vacation with breakfast in Mallorca

You get up in the morning. It is a beautiful day. You go out of the finca and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. You are in the best place to enjoy a good Mallorcan breakfast or German breakfast with family or friends in the garden of the finca.. AVacation in a finca is the best decision.

Why not include it in a finca vacation breakfast?

Because the fincas are catalogued as vacation homes and it is not allowed this accommodation the half board. But this is not an excuse to enjoy a good breakfast in a pleasant environment and pure nature. There is the possibility to order a catering service but this option would be better for enjoying a nice dinner with friends or family at the finca.


When Can You Enjoy a Good Breakfast in a Finca?

The weather in Mallorca is a Mediterranean climate and it is dry and it is a temperate climate, the average annual temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees. These temperatures can reach 35 degrees between July and August. With this climate you can enjoy the island almost all year round and of course enjoy a good breakfast in the garden or on the terrace of the finca.

Breakfast tastes better with this sea view

In which fincas can you enjoy a good breakfast?

Mallorca offers many possibilities for a perfect finca vacation. There are many fincas with breakfast by the sea. For example in Son Serra de Marina, Playa de Muro or Alcudia and all fincas have pool.

Imagine that you have breakfast with your wife in a finca by the sea. Wouldn’t that be nice for your next vacation?

If you want to enjoy an authentic finca vacation with breakfast in Mallorca in Fincasmallorcacharme you will discover the best fincas for a real finca vacation. We are specialized in finca rentals for 10 years. If

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