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Finca vacation Mallorca with children

Mallorca im Oktober mit Kindern

A finca vacation in Mallorca with children

The island of Mallorca is the second home for many Germans. Much has been said about its attractions or tourist attractions. For example, about its beautiful beaches, charming villages, culture and the Serra de Tramuntana. In recent years, a new model of vacation appears. The finca vacation .

What is a finca vacation with children?

A finca vacation with children is to enjoy an authentic family vacation. In this type of accommodation you can enjoy much more of the Mallorcan life. You can immerse yourself in the Mallorcan daily life that is lived in the villages: a coffee to drink a pub or buy the bread for example in the morning to the bakery. It is a different style of vacation, very different from a hotel. In a finca you can relax and your children can enjoy nature or live a different experience.

Why is a finca in Mallorca the best option for a children’s vacation?

Because another option is removed for the masses turism and because other reasons:

Authentic and quiet vacation in Mallorca

If you spend your family vacation in a country house, you will be more in touch with nature and children can play in peace, without traffic or away from the crowds. All houses have a pool and rooms to play and parents can also relax Because we want to relax, we go on vacation, right? 😉

In a house away from mass tourism and big hotels, the whole family will enjoy a perfect vacation.

Although the house is far from the sea, this should not be a problem, since almost all our houses are less than 20 minutes by car from the sea or from the best beaches of Mallorca.


The safety for the children

Safety comes first and at fincasmallorcacharme we know it. When we go on vacation with children, we always have to watch our children. Our child could get lost, fall into the pool or cross the street. You always have to be alert. It is the instinct that all parents carry inside. But if we have facilities or take safety measures during the vacations to anticipate these possible accidents or can prevent them, we will always be calmer or less stressed. We are on vacation and the vacations are not to relax;)?

For these accidents or problems reduced, one must be closed all the exits of the house. There should not open any door where children can escape. The pool must also be closed by fences. In this way, the child will not be able to reach the edge of the pool, and there is no danger of falling into pool.

When the children are playing in the garden, you need to clean up any utensils or tools with which they can cause harm. For example, a rake or a shovel. We must take all preventive measures that are possible.

For the fun of the children

Children can have fun in nature: Land, sun, beach … They can also play in a safe and private environment than if they were in a hotel, for example. Many fincas have a playground for children. Like a large gardens, a small soccer field, sandbox, swings and even a tennis court. Also in the houses children can find many toys, bicycles or scooters.


 When is the best time to spend a finca vacation in Mallorca with children???

You can visit Mallorca at any time of the year. The climate of Mallorca is a Mediterranean climate, where you can enjoy the sun almost all year round. Normally you can swim from May to October, as the water temperature is ideal for swimming (between 20 and 28 degrees). Mallorca is not only sun and beach, but also culture, cuisine, art and a lot of history. In the low season, when the island is not saturated with tourists, you can enjoy a more authentic and different island. The island offers much more than beach bars in front of the sea, music and beer and are the months where has fewer visits, when you can enjoy more of the island and all of the wonderful nature. From the Tramuntana mountains to its beautiful beaches and enchanting coves without thousands of tourists and umbrellas, its charming villages and the city.

Which fincas are the best for a finca vacation with children in Mallorca?

In Fincasmallorcacharme we are specialized in renting fincas in Mallorca. We can offer you different types of fincas ready for children. We would like your children to have the best vacation and for you to have a quiet but safe vacation.

Here we show you some of our child friendly fincas:

Fincas with protected pool

The fincas that we offer in fincasmallorcacharme are prepared for the children




The finca has many possibilities for the children

Fincas with animals

Der Besitzer der Finca ist Luis der Esel!

If you want to experience a different vacation in Mallorca or enjoy a real finca vacation with children in Mallorca, let us know or book through us your next finca vacation with your children. See you on the most beautiful island in the world!