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How is Mallorca in April

The month of April is the beginning of the tourist season in Mallorca. Many hotels and restaurants open their doors in this month and there is already movement on the beaches and tourist trails. The number of cyclists on the roads of the island decreases and the heat increases. Since it is the low season, you can find cheap accommodation. This depends on Easter week, when the price increases, but not significantly.

The weather in Mallorca in April

The month of April heralds the arrival of spring in Palma de Mallorca, where the Mediterranean climate becomes increasingly mild and pleasant. The sunshine duration increases to 7 hours of sunshine per day and the average temperatures are between 11 º C and 20 º C. Nevertheless, the nights in Palma de Mallorca in April are still quite cool. Although the wind is much weaker than in previous months, it is still too early to enjoy the sea water. In April it rains about 6 days a month with about 31 mm of rainfall. With all this, the weather in April is generally mild and dry.

Cala Tuent Strand

The weather forecast in Palma de Mallorca is done through a calculation platform based on historical data of the last 10 years and equally takes into account criteria such as wind chill, humidity, water temperature, wind and sun.


How warm is it in Mallorca in April

The temperatures in April are about 17 – 18 °C during the day. At these temperatures it is pleasant to go outside for a hike or an excursion.The water temperature is between 15 and 16 degrees. Few people dare to go into the sea, but there are many who practice their favorite water sports with a wetsuit.The lowest average temperature in Mallorca in April is 7 °C in the north of Mallorca. However, it must be said that these temperatures are found in the highest areas of the north of the island, such as Lluc.The maximum temperatures in April can reach up to 20 degrees and the average is between 17-17.5 degrees.

Where to go in Mallorca in April


 In April many accommodations are already open. Here you will find hotels that are already open since February or March and specialize in cycling tourism such as fincas or cottages, which are a cheaper alternative but offer no less quality.

There are many places to visit or discover in Mallorca:

Sights???? We will provide information of Mallorca sights here.


There are many ways to enjoy a vacation and many unforgettable moments, but it is undoubtedly the lunch time (and breakfast, dinner …) that offers us a double temptation, because not only to replenish the strength after our intense travel experiences, but also to learn more about the culture of the place, its local dishes and its particular local cuisine.