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Mallorca with small child

Mallorca mit Kleinkind

If we plan a holiday in Mallorca with small children, the plan is different if we do it without children or if they are already big. We choose a suitable accommodation so that our children are comfortable and safe. We sholud bear in mind the security and comfort when we choose an accomodation.

What to do in Mallorca with a small child

Many places in Mallorca are suitable for a vacation with a small child. Almost everywhere there are beautiful playgrounds with excellent play and run. Above all, Mallorca also offers shallow water beaches, where the little ones can enjoy the sea.

Alcudia with small child

Alcudia, especially the beach of Alcudia (Port de Alcudia), is known for family tourism. You can walk between its calm and shallow waters. You will find games and gym equipment and a lot of gastronomy. The children will have a great time and you will be calm

If you do not want to spend the day on the beach, it is worth visiting the old town of Alcudia. In the quiet streets you can walk around and relax a bit from the hustle and bustle. In the village you will find coffee shops and ice cream parlors.

Palma de Mallorca with small child

A visit to the capital of Mallorca is always worth it. The easiest way to park your car is in one of the underground garages in the center. Take a walk through the innumerable small shops and then refresh yourself with a delicious ice cream.

In addition, a visit to the monument of the city, the Cathedral of Palma, can be entertaining for children, because on the floor you will find skulls as a reminder of pirate attacks in the past. Also on many facades of the old town are always ornaments of fearsome beauty. It’s fun to let the kids look for you.

What can be done in Can Picafort with a small child?

Can Picafort offers a wide range of accommodation suitable for a holiday with a small child: either an apartment with sea views or a holiday home with a private garden, there is something for everyone. In Can Picafort you will find a large number of gastronomic offers, as well as several playgrounds, one especially beautiful located directly at the port of Can Picafort. But the beach also offers many attractions for families with young children.

A walk along the beautiful promenade is a buna option with a small child. Here you will find many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, where you can buy everything you need.

Muro-Playa de Muro with small child

The beach of Muro, with a length of 12 km, is the largest beach on the island and is perfect for families with children, it is one of the most popular children’s beaches in Mallorca. A lot of surface, fine and shiny sand, gently sloping water, beach chairs and umbrellas rentals are just some of the advantages of this beautiful beach. Whether it’s building sandcastles or splashing in the water, small children feel at home here.

They are serra marina with small child

Son Serra de Marina is still considered a secret for many. Here it is a little quieter; There are no hotels or souvenirs. Here lovers of surfing and tranquility find their space between the virgin beach dunes. At the end of the village there is a chillout with a playground.

What is the best time to visit Mallorca with a small child

Mallorca is full of charms. If you are traveling with small children, you should keep some tips in mind.

Mallorca with small children in May

Mallorca with a small child in May, can be particularly beautiful. Nature is in full bloom, there are colorful meadows full of red poppies and yellow daisies, which grow here simply wild. The weather is very mild and pleasant during the day.

Mallorca with young children in June

In June, the sun already has more power, so the sea has already tempered slightly. Young children will love splashing in the shallows. A sufficient sun protection is an absolute necessity!

Mallorca with small children from July to August

In July / August is full summer in Mallorca. If you are traveling with small children, you should avoid the midday heat. From sunset, it is much more pleasant to see the beaches and the town squares. Adjust yourself to the Mediterranean rhythm, instead of leaving later, come out sooner and enjoy a morning at the beach with your children. When you see that the sun squeezes, try to take your children to a shady area or take the opportunity to go shopping or do another activity in closed places such as visiting the Palm Aquarium for example.

Mallorca with small children from September to October

In September and October it is also a good time for a trip with small children.

The island is not so crowded and you can easily find a place on the beach or in the restaurant. The weather is nice, because the heat is no longer so strong, but the sea water is still warm.

Excursions in Mallorca with small children

Mallorca offers a wide range of leisure activities. You can perform activities to suit all tastes. Here are some suggestions:

The Safari near Porto Christo. Here you will find all the typical animals of Africa, such as giraffes, zebras, wildebeest and rhinos. There is a circular route, which can be done with your own car or can also be done with the safari bus. At the zoo, your children may be in closer contact with the animals.

Palma Aquarium, in the south of the island. More than 700 different species occur in 55 different aquariums, from small cleaning fish to impressive sharks and rays. For the little ones there is a climbing, a playground and, of course, a restaurant.

Magaluf, in the west of the island, is home to the crazy House of Kathmandu that will delight your children. Everything is upside down here. Let yourself be abducted into the world of Tibetan myths. Making purchases with children is often a challenge.

 Sineu market in the center of the island is a good option. In addition to local products such as fruits, vegetables and handicrafts, live animals are also sold here. Here, your children can admire chickens, sheep, pigs and donkeys up close. For many an unforgettable experience.

Villas with young children

When choosing a suitable accommodation for vacations with small children, some points have to be taken into account. There are many accommodations that are prepared for children. If you rent a farm or villa, make sure you have a safe pool for children, that is fenced so your child does not fall overboard. The farm must be completely fenced so that your child can not go outside the villa. This way you can relax and be calmer while the little ones have fun on the property, in the garden or in the private pool. Some houses also have a playground for children and even farm animals. If you pay attention to these points, you will spend a relaxing holiday in Mallorca with a small child.