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Hiking Mallorca Valldemossa to Deia

Valldemossa nach Deia

Camí de Castelló, Cala Alconàsser and Camí des Pintors

You start the trail on the normal way from Deià and take the GR221 at the Ca’n Boi refuge.  Then you pass the Pica de agua, which comes from the basin of Molí, and immediately reach the beautiful Camí des Ribassos. The first meters of the path are on a narrow path covered with grass and surrounded by fruit trees and gardens. Very soon you will find a wooden passage that you have to pass, in a corridor between the rock walls.

Near the road you will find ferns and poppies in summer. Looking back, the magnificent cliffs of Es Teix are outlined above the hills. The landscape will open up and in a few minutes you will reach an olive grove, where you will take the paved road that Fodesma has restored. Crossing a bridge over the torrent Major, your path ends on the paved road to Cala Deià.

Ein Teil vom Weg wandern mallorca valldemossa nach deia

On the other side of the road, coming from the Pont des Torrent, you can see the Camí des Pont de sa Cala or Camí de sa Pesta, which continues uphill and in a northerly direction, reaching the Son Bujosa estate. This path was designed to connect the Camí Reial de Valldemossa with Deià and the Camí de Castelló without having to pass through the town. The reason for this was the fear of contagion from the plague that came with the travelers. A polluted ship that had come to Sóller from Catalonia brought death in 1652: an epidemic of bubonic plague spread from Sóller to Deià and even reached Palma.

This path leads to the road from Deià to Sóller and you have to walk a few minutes towards Sóller until you reach the Camí de Castelló or Camino de Deià to Sóller. You climb a few steps and immediately reach an asphalt road on a steep slope. After a few minutes you will leave it through a signposted road that goes to the left. This fantastic path runs quietly among pines and olive trees with magnificent panoramic views of the coast, including views of LlucAlcari l els Còdols Blancs (curious white rocks near the coast).

Die Route Valldemossa nach Deia ist sehr gut markiert
Die Route Valldemossa nach Deia ist sehr gut markiert

When they reach the magnificent houses of Ca’n Prohom and the hermitage of Castelló, change direction and go to the refuge Muleta, but on this occasion we recommend going to the sea through the urbanization of Bens d’Avall, visit the beautiful Cala Alconàsser.

This is the Camí des Pintors, a route that runs along the cliffs and with the remains of paths and viewpoints built by the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria. A simple road, only with some slippery stretch, but generally without complications. This is a beautiful route, very idyllic and picturesque.

Once in Cala Deià, return to Deià with the Camí de sa Vinyassa, a path that has been restored and still has the remains of cobblestones. This makes the route more circular. In short, a route to enjoy and see the most beautiful corners of the island.