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The famous market of Sineu

Sineu Markt

The market in Sineu is one of the best known and most popular markets in Mallorca. This market has been held in the emblematic town of Sineu for several hundred years.

When and where does the market in Sineu take place?

The market in Sineu takes place every Wednesday of the year, from 8 to 13:30, we recommend that you visit it before 11 a.m., because between 11:30 and 12:30 the rush is at its most intense.

The market takes place in the centre of the village, it spreads over the most important points of the village: the main street, the village square, and the square by the church. In this way, the visitor can see the main pubs of the village as well as the market.

What animals and products can be found at the market in Sineu?

In the Sineu market, you can find all kinds of things. As it is a traditional market, you can find typical Mallorcan products such as ceramics, Mallorcan sausages and cheese, fruit and vegetables and of course farm animals such as chickens, geese, sheep, rabbits, even horses, donkey pigs and sometimes ostriches!

Sineu is known for the sale of live animals, which are mainly bought by farmers.

Of all the products that are offered on the Sineu market, we highlight the Majorcan sandals or “porqueres”, made of goatskin and rubber soles from car tyres, and the wicker baskets.

The Mallorcan sobrassada sausage and Mallorcan cheese are a delicacy that cannot be renounced.

Where can I park in Sineu?

It is easy to park in Sineu, because there are signs at the entrance of the village indicating parking possibilities. We recommend to park before 10:30 a.m. so that you can park quickly and without complications. There is a large parking area near the market.

The market in Sineu in winter


To visit this traditional market in Sineu in winter is a good opportunity to get to know the Malllorcan way of life. In winter it is easier to find more animals and seasonal products.

Since it is not in high season, the market is not as busy as in summer. Then you will find more Mallorcans who shop there and you can also get a close view of the culture.