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Who loves his dog, of course, wants to spend the best weeks of the year with him. On vacation in Mallorca spent together, master and mistress have plenty of time for their four-legged friend, who can enjoy long walks. So far the theory. But how is the reality? Can and may you take your dog with you to Mallorca? Here you will find the most important information.

The journey with dog to Mallorca

There are two alternatives. First, there is the journey by car and ferry. However, this journey is lengthy and very stressful, especially for the dog, which must be separated from his master in a (often draughty) kennel for more than eight hours on the ferry. Therefore we recommend the journey by airplane.

Depending on the airline, four-legged friends weighing up to eight kilograms may travel in a transport box measuring a maximum of 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters in the footwell. Larger animals are checked in transport boxes and are located in the air-conditioned baggage compartment during the flight.

Health and laws in mallorca with dog. What dog owners need to know

Already weeks before the trip precautions of health care are to be taken. Please ask your veterinarian about the current regulations on required vaccinations and their deadlines. He will also issue your pet with an international pet passport, which is required for entry into the country.

Also keep in mind that Mallorca, like the entire Mediterranean region, belongs to the distribution area of the infectious disease leishmaniasis.  Your veterinarian will inform you about this disease as well as the possibilities to protect the animal from it. In case of emergency, some German veterinarians are available on the island.

To give your pet a pleasant stay on the island, you should also keep in mind the climate. After all, it can get so hot on Mallorca in the summer that walking on asphalt can cause your four-legged friend pain and even burns on the paws.

As a travel time, therefore, the early or late season is recommended.

In Mallorca, one thing is especially true: dog owners have to put up with many restrictions and prohibitions. For example, there are only a few restaurants that tolerate dogs – and if they do, then only on the terrace. Stores and public transport also prohibit the taking of four-legged friends. On some beaches, dogs are also prohibited. Only in the low season from November to March there are a few dog bathing beaches, such as Son Serra de Marina in the northeast of the island.

If you want to spend your vacation with dog in Mallorca, a good option is a Finca with pet allowed