General terms and conditions form part of the contract between you, the client , and Mallorca Charme S.L. , with the VAT identification: ESB57830564, with address C / Comunes de Ca N´Oliver 1,D 07440 Muro Mallorca. Owner of the internet portal






If you make a reservation , you warrant that you are legally competent and of legal age and that you are in your name. , And possibly the third parties that accept the conditions mentioned here. Your contract with is valid at the time of confirmation of booking. Your contract with us is governed by Spanish law and submits to local jurisdiction.






The prices on our website are updated and replace and / or cancel any other price. Prices may change in the course of the year, possibly . The rental price includes the corresponding VAT. We remind you that at the moment the booking is made within one week, the deposit must be paid , normally 20 % of the total. The remainder is payable 30 days before your arrival, or we will contact you shortly to inform you about the payment options . In the event that the time between the booking and the arrival day is less than 30 days , we will contact you with in order to inform you of the payment .





A security deposit of €300 (three hundred euros) is required to cover the cost of any damage or breakages. This security deposit is payable in cash and must be presented to the key holder on arrival. In cases when damages exceed the security deposit amount, the renter is obliged to pay the full cost of the damages. The deposit will be returned in full, minus any costs incurred, upon departure.






If you still want to make changes in the selfsame after the confirmation of your booking such as change of departure or prefer to book another vacation home , etc. please note that any changes in the availability depends and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request . However, please note that there are cases in which changes can not be performed. Any change request or transfer must be notified to us by the person who conducted the booking. In the event that you want to change the holiday home , we look at your first booking as canceled and cancellation fees are the same as in the section " If you cancel your holiday " .





Please consult cancellation conditions in each accommodation.  





If during your stay have any complaint or problem, please contact immediately with us ( 0034) 971.537753 . In cases of major emergencies outside of these hours please call the following number: (0034) 699 387,606. Only the discomfort that you bring to bear during your stay , will be accepted as valid. In case of technical problems (e.g. no water ) we send our technician or an authorized person who will fix the problem . Please note that we have a telephone 24 hour customer service does not mean that we also have a 24 hour maintenance service . All so-called non- emergencies are resolved as quickly as possible.






The descriptions and details of the property appearing on our website were written personally by our staff, which has previously visited the accomodation. However, may have been made without our knowledge changes. In this case we do our best to you as quickly as possible to put on possible changes in knowledge . You can not blame us escape for the irregularities of our knowledge. In some areas there may be power or water outages, for which we can not be held accountable because they are beyond our control. Please also note that stated in no case more people than the description given on our website may be accommodated.






In the case of adjacent construction work at the rented property the tenant has to learn about them so that we can try to stop the work . Should us this is not possible , and the construction noise affect your holiday , will offer you an alternative subject to availability. Due to construction work covered by 'force majeure' , and escape the responsibility of , eliminates the possibility of damages.




Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do I reserve my accommodation?

You will first provide a not binding  booking inquiry and will then receive by email all necessary information about the desired object (equipment, price, availability). Included in the email is a link, which leads you to the binding Booking  form at our homepage. If you send this form to us, you have made a binding booking request. Afterwards you will receive information about the payment of your accommodation. Within 48 hours is a deposit of  approx. 20% of the total price due; Upon receipt of payment in our account, you will receive the reservation confirmation sent by us.


The balance is payable not until the day of arrival, after you have personally convinced yourself of the proper condition of your holiday property. Our local staff will explain all the details  about the property and answer your questions. Only then will the remaining amount be due.




Do I have to pay the eco-tax?

Since 01.07.2016, there is the so-called tourist or eco-tax (Ecotasa) in Mallorca. It is to be paid by each tourist over 16 years and is for holiday homes and fincas 1 € / daily, but only for the first 8 days. From the 9th day the tax is 0.50 € / daily. In the low season from 01.11. Until 30.04. The tax is generally only 0.50 € per day. This tax is not included in the rental price, but is to be paid separately, preferably on the day of arrival. Obviously, you will receive a payment slip.




Why is a deposit required?

A security deposit of 300 € (three hundred euros) is required to cover the cost of any damage. The deposit is payable on the spot in cash and must be deposited upon arrival of the keys on the day of arrival. In the event that the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the lessee will have to bear the full costs. The deposit will be refunded in full upon departure, except for incurred costs for the lessor.




How do I pay for my accommodation?

Once you have booked your accommodation with us, you will receive a list of the total costs by email; Of which a 20% deposit is due within 2 days. Upon receipt of your transfer to our account, you will receive the confirmation of reservation from us. On the day of arrival you can pay the remaining amount in cash to our local staff. Alternatively, a transfer to our account is possible; Then the payment must be received in time before arrival. Payment by credit card is not possible, but you can also transfer the money via PayPal (plus 3.5% processing fee).




What does the use of air conditioning cost?

If the use of the air conditioning is charged separately, We will inform you in advance. On the day of arrival, we note the meter reading in your presence so that we can determine the exact consumption later. On average, you will have to pay 5-10 € per day for normal consumption.




How do I find the way to the accommodation and get the keys?

About 1 week before departure you will receive a detailed route including GoogleMaps-Link. As most of the fincas are a bit remote, we will meet you first in our office or at an easy to find meeting place near the booked accommodation. From there we accompany you personally to your booked finca, assure us, that is all to your satisfaction and are on the spot 24 hours a day your contact. We explain how everything works and give you the keys or remote controls.




What do I do if I have problems?

If something in the house or at the house does not work, but also in case of other emergencies, you can contact us at any time. We are available for you 24 hours a day and will provide you with a quick response. We speak German, English, Spanish and Mallorquin; Do not hesitate to contact us.




Can I bring my pet?

In some fincas it is basically possible to bring your darling (see filter function "Pets allowed"). Nevertheless we clarify in advance with the owner, whether he agrees. For this purpose we need information about your animal (breed & size). Please also consider the necessary vaccination protection for your animal!




Are linens and towels provided?

All accommodations have enough bed linen and towels, in some fincas there are also pool towels. We ask you to bring your own bath towels for beach visits.




What are the arrival and departure times?

Your accommodation is always available from 4 pm on the day of arrival. Check-out time is 10 am. If you wish, we can check if other arrival and departure times are possible. If, however, there is another Arrival or Departure in the same accommodation, the times of course can not be changed.




Is there a shopping service for late arrivals?

If you arrive in the evening hours and do not have the opportunity to go shopping, we will be glad to help you. We organize a basic equipment of food for the first night and the breakfast the next morning. You only pay the cost of the purchase and an  extra charge of 20€ for this service. If you would like to use this service, please let us know in time.




How is the water quality on Mallorca?

As in many other southern countries, the water has no drinking water quality on Mallorca. Avoid drinking water directly from the water tap. In all supermarkets, you can buy cheap drinking water, from the 1L bottle to the 8L canister. We recommend that you also prepare your coffee with the purchased water since most machines heat the water only to about 80 º C. Showers are however easily possible.




How do I dispose of my household rubbish?

If you do not rent a village house but a finca, it will not be approached by the local refuse collection. This means that you have to transport your household rubbish yourself - either to a refuse container in the vicinity or to the refuse collection point of the place. Our local staff will be pleased to provide you with detailed information on the day of your arrival.




What to do with insects?

The fauna in the countryside is, of course, different than in the city and in the south than in the northern home. Nevertheless, you should pay attention, especially during the warm season: Please always dispose of your household rubbish promptly, preferably daily. Do not leave any garbage or food left open. Even a drop of cola can already attract an ant path, which is then difficult to fend off. In many fincas there is an antispray, but in the summer months absolute cleanliness is necessary. If there is any incentive, please let us know.


In the dry months, many animals search for water, including wasps or bees. So if you find some of these animals by the pool, this is not a matter of concern because they are usually not aggressive or interested in stamping you.


 Mallorca Charme is not responsible for the inconveniences caused by pests that are beyond human control






Please note that for arrivals for most of our holiday homes , it is indispensable to have a vehicle . is not responsible for the booking the selfsame .






Please make sure that the safety and monitoring of your children is always guaranteed by an adult , especially on balconies, near the swimming pool , on stairs , etc. can not be held responsible in case of accidents .




DISABLED TRAVELERS is not on holiday stays specialized in selling to people with disabilities. Many of the homes are not to include this one - or prepared disabled . Therefore, we ask you to contact us prior to booking so we can inform you exactly about the home to see if it adapts to your possibilities .






If you have a baby bed or a chair for your baby / ies or you need one during your stay , please indicate this in the booking . This service will be not charged. Please note that for reasons of hygiene, the beds are provided without bedding .






Mosquitoes, ants and other insects are endemic in warmer zones , especially in the countryside. Many of our holiday properties are surrounded by gardens, so that rats and other rodents may be found . In the immediate vicinity , it may also be that you encounter farm animals. Furthermore, of course, can stay in the area as well unrestrained dogs and cats.






The kitchens include cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery. The presence of oven, dishwasher , washing machine, etc. should be clarified in the house description.






Our cleaning service includes the preparation of the house on the day of arrival and weekly change of towels and blankets . Please note that beach / bath towels are not provided, except if it is in the house description, and that they must be brought by guests. We ask our guests that the towels that are provided by the homeowners are not to be used for beach visits and the swimming pool.






Our cottages are available on arrival from 16.00 clock . At 10.00 clock you have to leave the house on departure . Of course, these times are in most holiday villas on request also changeable.


Check-in after 10:00 PM comes with a surcharge of 10€ per extra hour.






It is your responsibility to make sure that your passport and all passengers , is valid, as well as credit cards ( which you should use ) , as well as any other document that you have to carry when traveling.






If you or one of the other passengers are pregnant or suffer from some disease , we advise you to discuss with your doctor prior to your trip , as we take your health very seriously. In the event that you should lose a piece of value during your stay, due to theft or the like , we advise you to immediately contact the local police in connection and view the theft.






The maintenance of our holiday homes is the responsibility of the owner or the responsible personnel . The gardens should be regularly maintained and , therefore, it is impossible only on days where guests change takes place to do this. The maintenance of the swimming pools is usually held twice a week. You should be aware that the care and maintenance of both the pool and the garden can not be carried out at fixed times and therefore it can be difficult to let you know an exact time in advance. We ask for your understanding that our staff visits your holiday home , but we can offer a certain standard and our guests well maintained land and you can feel completely comfortable .






Almost all the houses have a safe . If you want to confirm whether the house you wish to book a Safe offers , please contact before booking with us. We advise you to use a safe , as they offer more security for your valuables . The use of the safe (if available) is free of charge , be why in the case of a theft does not accept complaints .






If the description of the house stating that satellite TV is available , this does not include pay- TV channels .






In general, there is no phone in the villas , except it is in the house description. Therefore we advise you a cell phone to carry with you for emergencies.






The majority of our holiday homes are owned by individuals and are decorated to their taste. Therefore, each house is different from the style , design and decor. We do our best to provide you with a detailed description of the house. This includes images of the interior and the outdoor of the objects.