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Vacation with baby Mallorca

Mallorca im Oktober mit Kindern

When we have small children, our vacation is different than without children or when they are already older. We choose accommodation that is most comfortable for our children to spend the vacations with them. Two very important criteria when choosing accommodation are safety and comfort.

Which accommodations are the best for a vacation with baby in Mallorca?

When we plan a vacation with small children, the accommodation must be child friendly. You want to spend a pleasant stay there, so a child-friendly finca is ideal to enjoy a finca vacation. The finca must have a crib, which is in the same room as the parents’ beds.

The vacation home should not be far from the village, because if we need something, like milk, we can get it quickly. In the house you have to find all the necessary numbers in case there is a problem. For example, the phone numbers of the nearest hospitals, pharmacies and their addresses. The agency must provide 24-hour accessibility to the guests.

The pool of the finca must be enclosed so that the baby or toddler cannot fall into the pool. Usually, the fincas that are considered child-friendly have the pool closed with a barrier.  This way we avoid accidents and you can have a quieter vacation. Many child-friendly fincas also offer a sandbox or even a playground.


Why is Fincasmallorcacharme ideal to spend a vacation with baby in Mallorca?

Because our real estate agency offers different types of child-friendly fincas. We have a variety of vacation homes with pool for children. We adapt to the needs of the customer, so you do not have to worry about anything and enjoy a relaxing vacation. We have a wide selection of child-friendly fincas near the beach, vacation homes with sea views prepared for vacations with children and also houses with their own playground.

Here we show you some examples of our child friendly fincas:

With closed pool

Child friendly finca in Santa Margarita number 054

With playground

Finca with playground number 012
Finca with playground in Can Picafort Mallorca number 052

With sandbox

Finca number 113 has a sandbox where children can play.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you for your next vacation with baby in Mallorca

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