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6 reasons to book a finca directly with an agency

Being with family and friends in a private environment is priceless

Renting a villa has some advantages that you will not find in a hotel. The more people there are in the house, the cheaper the price per person or per night if you stay in a hotel. Instead of paying for 3, 4 or 5 hotel rooms, you can reserve a finca by sharing the costs among the guests. Another advantage is the privacy provided by the private pool as well as the additional private recreation rooms of some villas and extras like table tennis, trampolines and small playgrounds or sports fields. Pool cocktails and sunset drinks also work best if you shop at the supermarket and cook at home. You can pay up to 20 euros for a plate of pasta in a hotel on Mallorca – in our opinion, staying in a villa is simply better.

An agency will be able to manage everything you want.

As in any hotel, an agency can manage every single service you want to rent. A massage in the swimming pool, catering service, bike rental, car rental, restaurant reservations or excursions … The agency will adapt to your needs and offer solutions to all your suggestions and requests.

A direct booking with the owner or manager of the finca can reduce the reservation by up to 15%.

Because there are so many portals specialized in real estate rental, the prices of a particular house can vary up to 15% depending on the portal and even on the same platform the same house can appear repeatedly but with different prices. In many cases up to 4 agents can be involved in the reservation.

The best way to get along without intermediaries is to contact the owner of the finca directly. There are many owners who offer their properties directly on many portals, but many choose to delegate the management of their properties to agencies such as Mallorca Charme because they either do not have time to manage the reservations or do not have sufficient language and administrative skills.

Booking through an agency for holiday homes is one of the best options for several reasons:

There is the certainty that the client will find what he has booked when he arrives at his destination.

From the moment the request for a property is made until the client leaves the property, there is a whole process between agency and client. All payments are taken into account, as well as meeting points, address or coordinates of the house and clarify any doubts or suggestions from the client.

Possible complaints or claims of the client.

If the customer has a problem or an incident occurs in the house, such as burglary, damage to the house, etc., the customer will receive the support of the agency at the time of the assertion of a possible claim. Nevertheless, the agency must subordinate the complaint and see if it can be claimed or not (the fact that the crickets won’t let you sleep at night is not part of it). By this we mean that the client will not feel alone.

Support or Call Center 24 hours a day.

The agency must provide the client with a 24-hour contact number so that he can contact them as soon as possible in case of problems. This gives the customer much more security, because he knows that in case of problems he can contact the agency in his native language.


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