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Why Mallorca is worthwhile in November

Mallorca im November

In Mallorca, November is a month in which you can still feel the warmth of summer.

The summer season is now behind us and there are almost no tourists left on the island. However, this does not mean that it is not worth visiting Mallorca during this time, as Mallorca offers many opportunities in November, such as visiting the most important places and their enchanting towns. Because it is almost impossible to visit them in a relaxed way in summer.

In the month of November you can find many accommodation offers, as it is already the low season and there are still flights to Mallorca.

The climate in Mallorca starts to be fresh in November, especially in the evenings, but still you can enjoy sunny days and have a relaxing holiday on the island. On a sunny day with a calm sea you can also go swimming. Of course the water is a little fresher than in October, but a short jump into the water is bearable.

The month of November offers various activities that you can do on the island of Mallorca and which you should not miss.

Mallorca in November with children

If you are travelling with children, it is important to prepare a few activities so that they will remember their holiday well. Here are some of our recommendations or activities with children:


Katmandu Park is an interactive experience of an adventure park.  It combines high technology with the usual entertainment factor. The park is made up of several areas, all of which are designed to be visited by children and even toddlers. There are also other areas that have a little more adventure factor, but where you can find attractions for all ages. In any case, you can spend an unforgettable family holiday there. The users of TripAdvisor have rated it the best theme park on the Balearic Islands.

Sa Bassa Blanca Museum

It is a place that skilfully combines nature, architecture and art. The museum house is located about 6 km from the town of Alcudia, on the Camí del Coll Baix route. You can combine your visit to the museum with a visit to the historical centre of Alcudia.

Lonely beaches

Walking on the beach, building a sand castle or even taking a jump in the water on a sunny day, these are also ideas for an excursion with children.



 Palma Aquarium is a wonderful marine park with more than 8,000 animals from 700 different species. Your children will love this place.

Excursion from Es Salt des Freu

It is one of the easiest and at the same time most spectacular excursions on the island. It begins a few kilometres from the town of Orient. It is worth taking this excursion to see how the water falls down from the mountains. 

The weather on Mallorca in November

The weather on Mallorca in November can be a very pleasant surprise. The weather on the Balearic Islands in autumn is usually warm and with many sunny days.

Although the days get shorter and the nights a little colder, you can still walk around in a T-shirt on the sunny days.

The temperature in Mallorca in November is 12.3ºC with a maximum temperature of 18.9ºC. At night temperatures can drop to 8ºC, although they usually stay around 10ºC.

In November there are around 10 hours of sunshine a day and an average of 5 hours of cloudless skies. The sunset is at about 17:45 at the beginning of the month and it shifts to an earlier time during the month.

You should choose a good location and prepare your camera as the autumn sunsets in Mallorca are the most impressive of the year.

Markets in Mallorca in November

The Mallorcan markets are a very special part of the Mallorcan culture. It has always been typical for families to go to the market to buy everything they need for daily life, as well as any utensils they may need, such as articles for home, clothes, tools and even animals for the farm.

So, are you ready for a trip to Mallorca in November?



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