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Mallorca in March tips and recommendations

mallorca im märz

The month of March in Mallorca is ideal for excursions along the routes of the Serra de Tramuntana and to enjoy the nature and good weather of the island. Although March is already the time of almond blossom, you will still find many almond trees full of flowers on many paths and routes in Mallorca. The month of March is undoubtedly one of the best months to practice sports and hiking, as the weather conditions are perfect for it and the landscapes we find around us will be full of nature and colour.

Mallorca in March

The month of March is ideal for enjoying Mallorca’s inland and coastal towns, which are full of people in the middle of summer. Spring on the island gives us the opportunity to see fields full of flowers and fruit trees in all their glory. The temperatures of March are perfect for getting to know the coastal towns, such as the interior and the villages of the Serra de Tramuntana. Many of the towns of Mallorca offer many attractions such as Randa, Fornalutx, Sineu with its famous market Valldemossa and of course Palma de Mallorca, which is much more pleasant to visit in the low season.


Many of the villages in the interior of the island offer a type of accommodation that is different from the typical accommodation on the beach. They are called country hotels and fincas. In them we can enjoy peace and quiet in constant contact with nature.

Mallorca in March Weather

The weather in March is similar to the weather in February in Mallorca. However, it should be noted that the thermometers are already at the beginning of spring and are two degrees higher than in February. Normally it does not rain for long periods of time, and if it does, it only rains sporadically.

At night, the weather is quite humid and one should wear a jacket, as due to the high humidity, the cold gets into the bones.

 During the day there are usually about eight hours with the highest temperature differences between day and night.

Mallorca at the beginning of March

March is generally the best time to enjoy the almond blossom in Mallorca. The almond fields of the island of Mallorca are still dressed in white and pink and there is already more tourism on the island. Many accommodations open at the beginning of March and as the climate is a little more pleasant than in the previous month, the climate is perfect for excursions between flowering almond fields or for hiking trails in the Serra de Tramuntana.